PuppetShorts Beta and Launch!

Holy pumice!  Almost exactly a year has zipped by since we first started showing off PuppetShorts at GDC 2016.  And now, after finishing up the key features, polishing the user interface, and building a small menagerie of starter puppets, it looks like we’re actually set to launch the app on iOS in less than a month — just in time for GDC 2017!

Already our beta-testers are creating some truly inspiring PuppetShorts, often with no prior animation experience!  And for us, this only reinforces the feeling that just about everyone has a filmmaker, comedian, or cartoon voice-actor hidden somewhere inside of them.  Sometimes it’s buried deep, hardly noticed, and sometimes it’s bubbling right there at the surface!  But it seems everyone collects hilarious and/or touching stories that just want to be shared.  With PuppetShorts, it’s possible to quickly capture these stories in an undeniably charming visual form. 

Beyond that, if you regularly find yourself talking total nonsense with your friends— batting around ridiculous improvised absurdities — then consider the collaborative possibilities of a non-technical app that allows you to animate 10 seconds of dialogue in under 10 minutes.

We can’t wait to see what you do with the first release of PuppetShorts!  Meanwhile, here's a video we put together explaining what PuppetShorts is, using PuppetShorts:

Approaching Launch!

We’re getting oh so very close now!  Puppet Shorts is dressing up extra spiffy for its initial debut on iOS, and we’re already beginning to wallow in excitement for what you’re going to do with it.  In-App movie export is fully functional (note the greatly-improved quality of the Puppet Variety movie here).  The shaders have been souped up.  And we’re just now wiping on the last coats of polish — allowing you to export your own credits and send your movies to the masses via various paths, sorting out how to handle various background shapes, etc…  Meanwhile, we’ve also been hand-crafting a small menagerie of puppets for you to play with!  Below is a short and fairly goofy clip to give you a brief glimpse of a few of them.  

Puppet Shorts will ship with 9 basic human puppets to get you started and to inspire you with a few personalities to fit your monologue or to play against each other.  On top of that, you’ll be able to purchase additional packs of themed trios.  Expand the cast of your movies and show your support for our work in one easy move!

At this point, we’re aiming for an initial release on iOS by the end of September.  Looking forward to seeing your creations very soon!  

(While you wait, you can keep up with the latest in Puppet Shorts demo-shorts at www.puppetshorts.com)

Here we are!

Holy smokes, we're finally gonna start showing this weird experiment of ours to other humans!  It's been almost 2 years now since the ideas that became Puppet Shorts first started materializing in our free time.  There've been feverishly active stretches and stretches where it's just not a focus, but momentum has definitely been building consistently as of late, and we're now very excited to get this unusual animation tool into the hands of as many people as we can and start enjoying the surprises that they create.  

Next week, we'll be in San Francisco doing demos in the midst of the industry chaos of GDC, so look for lots more info and some first posts of animated shorts over the next week or so.  Where can you find those?  For starters we'll probably be launching a Puppet Shorts Youtube channel, so look for a link to that here very soon!